About Marci

Marci @ Click and BloompinthisI’ve never been one of those people with only one style. Some days I’m a rolled up jeans and converse kind of gal, and the next I’m a bohemian, curly haired, boot wearing, whimsical kind of woman. Wonderfully… that translates well into my photography. My work speaks to me as I take it and edit it into the final product. Like petals in the wind {cue cheesy music}, it may go any direction at any time, and definitely keeps things refreshing!

‘Click & Bloom’ combines my love of photography into something more… capturing a bloom. Independence, marriage, new birth, aging gracefully… so many transitions come in so many ways through our lives and my goal is to make everyone whose portrait I take, feel beautiful through their current phase of blossoming. On a side note I grew up playing in a flower shop so my love for blossoms, blooms and bows of a more simple nature runs deep within my veins.

When I’m not snapping away at clients, you can usually find me curled up on the couch watching Downton Abbey with a plethora of animals around me, or traveling the world with my brightly colored gaudy luggage. I’m blessed to have married my high school sweetheart, aka ‘hot hubby’ and to have two wonderful teenage sons that are the most amazing people.  Ask them, they will tell you!

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