About The Session

My Style.

As with most artists, my style has evolved through the years.  I find that I prefer more natural, interactive sessions with sparkling smiles and loving gazes.  Less formal poses.  More laughter.  More fun.  More real.  Kids are going to do their thing, please don’t apologize for them wanting to jump off the nearest rock!  It’s okay, I’ve been there!  Don’t stress, I know that I won’t!  Maybe kids were meant to be photographed in their natural surrounds, carrying sticks and their favorite doll.  That’s the way I like to approach each session.  Keeping it real, and not stuffy.  Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate fabulous outfits, gorgeous locations and clients ready to rock the poses!  I’m just realistic on what we can expect, and absolutely love capturing those glances…  whether it be from a romantic couple to each other, a child laughing at his father swinging him around to an expecting couple cradling each other.  I love it all!  Be sure to look though my gallery of photos when you book so that you know what stylistic approach I use and understand that this and all of my editing is consistent with my artistic taste at the time of your session.



What I sell.

Artistic prints.  I believe that my art should be hanging on your wall.  On Auntie Tanya’s wall.  On Grammy Norma’s wall.  It should be shared outside of a computer monitor.  I have nothing against digital images, and share them myself on a regular basis but in my company, they will only be sold as add on’s to print packages.  I print my photography on professional paper with a deep matte velvety finish.  It’s amazing and has a richness that is unmatched.


The experience.

I am a very casual person, and try to keep my sessions pretty low key.  I find that if I’m not stressed, then my client can relax and just do whatever posing they are asked to do.  There are really very few people that automatically know how to pose so I’ll walk you through what  I want you to do, and sometimes that will be little more than a natural smile and a tender look and sometimes we will be sharing our silliest knock knock jokes depending on the age group.