Prom Fun – Biggs High School

A quick shot of one of the prom shoots that I did this year…  I’ve had this random tree that I call the ‘reading tree’ for years and decided to drape a few gorgeous teens across it for fun.

Senior Girl

Delanie – Class of 2015 Biggs High School

Oh what a fun shoot!  Lots of ideas to cover in a short two hours but we did it!  Meet the striking Lanie, lovely… intelligent… and a wonderful personality!

Senior Girl

Miss Molly – 8th Grade Graduate

This sweet young woman was a ball to shoot on this fun cruiser bike shoot!  She’s witty, friendly and can’t wait to be one of the captains on her JV squad next year in High School!   Enjoy!

Younger Teens

Lauren – Gridley High School Senior

  Meet Miss Lauren, Gridley High School senior class 2015!  With an incredible sense of style, it was so much fun shooting her!  Enjoy!

Senior Girl

Tanya’s Blossoming Maternity Session

It is truly beautiful here in the northern Sacramento Valley each spring…  orchards of trees explode a myriad of colors.  But, you only have a small window to act and we thankfully made the cut!  Meet Tanya.  Isn’t she just a gorgeous pregnant momma?  We had so much fun trying to get the wind just […]


Miss Shelby…

There are times when you go to take a photograph of someone,  and you just know… deep down… that it’s going to be easy.  ❤  A natural beauty with an incredible ease in front of the camera, Miss Shelby was a pleasure to shoot.

Younger Teens

Sweet Abby

    Sweet Abby…  Abbs…  Abigail…  whatever you choose to call her you’ll always get that same bright smile and glittering eyes looking back at you!  She’s one of my favorite young ladies and she always goes out of her way to give me a hug.  My kind of girl!  We spent the afternoon hanging […]

Younger Teens

Sam & Dalton

This lovely young couple kept me chuckling the entire shoot as Dalton was sure that he was going to miss ‘his game’ and Sam just rolled her eyes.  Well we didn’t let that happen and we got some great shots.  Cute couple and I so enjoyed helping them pose!  Here are a few fun shots […]