Gridley Family Shoot – Gray Lodge

I don’t often get to shoot families with older siblings, so this one was a wonderful change!  I think that the stars must have all aligned for them to be able to show up all at the same time with the crazy busy schedule that they all keep!  May I say I was totally impressed […]


Yuba City Teen Siblings Shoot

What a great time hanging out with these two adorable teen siblings!  We hit Bidwell Park in Chico, and it was an amazing location!  Of course their fabulous smiles and playful attitude made my job easy!      


The Lovely Taylor – Sutter High School Graduate

I knew as soon as I saw her jeep that this girl had a personality that I would love!  She was fun, intelligent, incredibly stylish and I enjoyed every moment shooting her near the base of the Sutter Buttes Mountain range.  Her adorable sassy sister stepped in for a few shots…  both of them simply […]


Miss Kaili

Last spring I shot a few pics of my lovely niece prior to her 8th grade graduation and thought that I would share them with you!  Of course her darling little sister came along for the ride and it was a great time!  I like looking back and seeing how my style has changed in […]

Younger Teens

Autumn Park Shoot – Chico, CA

Autumn is always a fun time to take photos.  The colors are incredible, but at some point a bit of rain might might dampen the mood!  We were so lucky to fit this shoot in between two rain storms and get a few beautiful photographs of this incredible family!

Younger Teens

The S Family

I remember attending this lovely couple’s wedding several years ago and was so excited when she asked me to take family photos with the entire crew!  Their littles were so enthusiastic and funny!  I think poor Gabby thought that I was going to pull my hair out but I thoroughly enjoyed the entire shoot!  Wonderful, […]


Running with a Truck… not tractor.

Yesterday afternoon I fought large swarms of mosquitoes to do a shoot in a beautiful eucalyptus grove.  It was gorgeous and the sun dappled  through the branches perfectly!  Well worth the extra bug spray people!  These three siblings made me laugh, entertained me thoroughly (yes, I got to see a chicken) and the youngest clarified […]