Twirp Pics – Gridley High School

I’ve been blessed with many nieces & nephews and it has been so fun shooting them at each of their dances each year!  My gorgeous niece MacKenzie is a senior this year and she asked me to snap a few shots of her group before they went on their way to the dance.  I love that they are all just friends going together!  Unfortunately it was raining that day so we had to deal with some weather related issues from dark clouds to sprinkles from the sky but these kids rocked it!

Such a fun reflection shot!  They looked at me like I was crazy, but I love the way that it turned out!

We went inside the Colonia Building for a few minutes to get out of the rain.  This 1905 building was originally a hotel, and is full of all kinds of brick walls & wood floors goodness!   

They actually had a hard time keeping serious faces (for fun of course)…  I can’t wait to see what fun styles show up for the prom later this year!


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