Abby at the Lavender Ranch in Biggs, CA

I grew up in a small town nestled in the center of an agricultural paradise.  Branching off of highway 99 in northern California, we are flanked with orchards of fruit trees and acres of rice land.  Biggs is one of those little towns, with a main street lined with flags  and forgotten old buildings of the past.

Several years ago along the highway stretch the lovely Lavender Ranch was created.  I’m told it had been there forever, but I suppose the focus changed and it was completely built up visually for a more commercial purpose.  Soft rolling hills were added with Italian Cypress trees dotted along the countryside.  A small home that was onsite was turned into a gift shop and gorgeous landscaping was planted.  Before it was a gift shop I remember staying over at my friends home there back in the 80’s.  Crazy how things go full circle…  Long story short, I was given the opportunity to shoot there right before the harvest a couple of weeks ago and I was so impressed with this amazing space!  Miss Abby graciously agreed to model for me and I love these images!

If you are interested in having your session shot at the Lavender Ranch, that can be arranged.  They do charge a nominal fee for facility usage.  Lavender is not always blooming but the beauty of the ranch is year around!


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