What to Expect at your Family Session

What happens exactly?

My family sessions are one hour in length. These sessions are designed to capture the entire family! Which means that any and every combination of people you want in a photo together will happen during your session, time permitting. Generally we will begin with a few posed portraits.  Then I’ll encourage a more relaxed portion of our session, to give you a chance to have fun and make some new memories while I snap some casual, candid photos.

If you have young children feel free to bring a few props along with you to our session.  Small chairs, crates and blankets are often a nice addition with little ones. Please don’t stress out if your child isn’t cooperating… please don’t yell at them or make threats… as tempting as it might be (trust me I know that feeling). Your enthusiastic and positive energy along with my gift of distraction will always create lovely images. They will do all the fabulous things that children usually do such as pick up sticks, or jump off a rock… it’s totally normal. I let them work out their nervousness, take a few shots and then redirect to the next series of poses.

Take this as an opportunity to get a few great individual shots of everyone! Perfect to use for social media, invites, as well as share on birthdays! If you prefer a more casual lifestyle images you are welcome to use my studio as a location option! There are several rooms set up for this purpose. Once booked you will be emailed several great location options and be given the option to make suggestions if you have a place in mind!


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