What to Include in Your Senior Session

If you are worried about what you might bring, no worries, friend. There are so many options.

Uniform: Are you going into the military? This is a great way to showcase who you are and where life is taking you. Not in the military? Uniforms could go for a workplace, band, or hobby uniform. Wear your favorite cooking or painting apron, concert-going outfit, or school uniform. 

Instruments: If you play an instrument, bring it, play it, rock it out! I want to see you in your element and capture this. 

Sports equipment: If you play basketball, football, volleyball, or any other sport, bring it with you. We could shoot the session on a baseball field or wherever you would like to incorporate your equipment! Bring your softball hat, glove, or knee pads. The options are endless. 

Food: Yes, food. You must be crazy to disagree. It is so much fun to bring a box of sprinkled donuts, a whole pizza, or the biggest cheeseburger in the city! 

Vehicle: You never forget your first car, or maybe borrow grandpa’s classic just sitting in the shop waiting for a great photo shoot! These personal items are timeless!

I am here to help you take the best photographs ever imagined! Regardless of what you end up bringing, I have the skills to work with it and make you comfortable. Let’s get it!


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